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Event Info - 9 February 2007

(click image to see full flyer)

Well sometimes - as if by some indescribable touch of magic - things are just right and we feel strongly that this past event certainly qualifies for such a positive description.

the energy on the night was phenomenal, performances started in the queue with dancers and musicians, you walked into a sea of colour and a buzz beyond belief. the wishing tree installation stole the show in the entrance area from where a seemingly endless sea of incredibly high quality productions, shows and 'intent' stretched out.

Important for us also that all the different rooms and environments jelled together seamlessly - not always an easy task
we included loads more progressive and forward thinking musical genres - inclusion and cutting edge high up on our list of priorities - skilfully mixed with the positively trailed and tested...

so after all the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received we can proudly look forward to the next one!

have a look at the press release and lineup

and check out some great images



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