The Synergy Project Has Evolved

After 5 years and 25 ground-breaking events at seOne, The Synergy Project has evolved into 3 exciting new organisations, each of which shares the common legacy, philosophy, and intent of their legendary parent.

Please visit and support them in their great work of bringing about positive social, economic, and environmental change. Thank you all for your part in this unfolding journey. We are all the children of The Synergy Project…. may its legacy live long and prosper.

Luminopolis – launched in October 2008 and lead by Synergy Project’s Artistic & Production Director Giani Fabricio, this “city of light” sees many of the production teams, artists, and performers from The Synergy Project continuing to take the events at London’s seOne club to new levels of conscious counter-culture celebration.

The Synergy Centre
– launched in October 2005 by Synergy Project co-founder Steve Peake, this living community centre in Camberwell is home to a range of charitable organisations, youth schemes, and alternative events. It represents The Synergy Project’s aspirations of social change made real through full-time grass-root activities, and it also inherits the Synergy name.

The inSpiral Lounge
– launched in December 2007 by Synergy Project co-founder Dominik Schnell, this amazing music cafe in Camden is a unique approach to healthy living, creativity, and the world of tomorrow. It sets out to inspire with nutritious food, uplift with delicate cutting edge music, intrigue with multi-media, and innovate for the future.