Event Info – 23 November 2007

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Participating NGOs
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The Synergy Project

Friday, 23rd of November 2007
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 8am
SEOne Club London Bridge, Weston Street, SE1 London UK

Synergy is a magical indoor festival, combining musicians, Djs, Vjs, performers, and artists from all corners of creativity, joined by various proactive NGO’s and charities with the expressed aim to make a difference.

Synergy strives to create an optimistic approach in raising awareness on the many crucial issues affecting our world today. The events gather some of the UK’s leading creative multimedia organizations joined by international NGO’s such as Oxfam, Survival, Speak, WWF, Greenpeace, Arc, Campaign Against Climate Change and many more.

This new event will host an incredibly varied mix of different elements, from the far eastern cultures to the now and here art of electronica

Throughout the venue you will also find : Charity Stands, Workshops, Talks/Debates, Healing Areas, Organic cafe’s, and the friendliest vibe in London!

In the main room…
Free-Spirit Records

Free-Spirit was born in 2004, under the vision of a network of like-minded artists in the psy-trance and ambient genres, all working to promote themselves and each other under one banner. With the ever massive support from the Implosion and Fairy Tales super funky crews, Free-Spirit will showcase some of their most talented musicians and DJs, melting the dance floor from within with their pumping sound and irresistible vibe. Enhancing the psychedelic experience, visual maestro’s Psytwin, ClubTek Lasers and Freakadelic decors will provide a feast of visual drops to ensure all your senses will be kept entertained.

Journey aka Jay OM (Live)
A fusion of psy-styles… Glitch, Breaks Percussion Collides with Highly Filtered Insectile Sweeps and Evolving Rhythms.
(Free-Spirit Records, Implosion) UK

M-Theory (Live)
Blending Phat & Funky Bass Lines, Underpinning Morning Melodic Frequencies
(Alchemy Records/Free-Spirit/Fairy Tales) UK

Sinewave (Live)
Experience the Unexplored Side of your Brain, each Track Teasing and Tormenting every Molecule.
(Alchemy Records) UK-Australia

Evil Twins
(Free-Spirit Records, Implosion) Russia

(Free-Spirit Records, Implosion) France

(Dragonfly Records) UK-Romania

(Mahogany Records, Body & Mind) France

(Ultimae Records/Fairy Tales) UK-Italy

(Trancemission) Italy

Visuals: Psytwin
Lasers: ClubTek
Deco: Freakadelic Psycrafts


in the blue room…

First-time hosts of the Synergy ambient space, Oxjam, will be presenting a stellar line up of top live dub acts and DJs. Visual stimulation amidst this dub-fuelled sonic delight will be generated by Inside Us All and their legendary VJs, while decor comes from the experienced ranks of Cocoon.

Oxjam is about raising money for Oxfam to tackle poverty all over the world. Supporting Oxjam helps people to earn a living; to get an education; health care; fresh water; and to grow more food. If you want to know more see www.oxfam.org.uk

Oxfam GB is a registered charity (no 202918) & a member of Oxfam International. Oxfam works with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.


Ashtech (Live set) & (Dj Set)
Original dub and urban electronica
(Interchill Records)

International Observer (Live)
Digital dub maestro behind “heard” and “seen”
(Dubmission Records)

Nagual Sound Experiment
Dubwise ethic, fusing Jamaican style engineering, with futuristic and psychoative elements
(Liquid Records)

Darren Sangita
Exotique electroacoustica & psubliminal psychedelia
(Sangita Sounds)


The digidub / glitch-hop blend master
(Liquid Records / IDspiral)

Conscious dub and roots
(Liquid Dub)

Crazy Baldhead
Bass heavy dubalicious delights from around the world
(Dubmission records)

Deco by Cocoon
Visuals By Inside-Us-All

In Red Room…
Archangel Breaks / Nu-School Hippies
& Echoshelter

The Synergy Project together with Archangel Breaks presents a new evolution of sound crossing boundaries between Breaks / Electro and Psy Dub n Breakz, bringing together some of the leading performers at the forefront of the movement to support international NGO Ecoshelter.

Ecoshelter sets out to provide ecobuilding, education and self-employment programs are suitable for: Disaster Relief (eg after earthquakes and tsunamis) , Humanitarian Relief (eg after wars and conflicts), Poverty Relief (in favelas, shantytowns and slums) , Environmental Relief (eg after floods, droughts and desertification as well as ecoliving and ecotourism in any country)


Gaudi (Live)
Dub n’ Breakz Live Set
(Interchill, Em:t records)

Ctrl Z
Pioneering Breakbeat duo
(Hardcore Beats)

Breakbeat Dj / Producer from Archangel’s finest
(Archangel^/Control Breaks)

Simon Pieman
Breakbeat, Electro ness

Liquid Djems
Unique fusion of Organic Electronica and deep pulsating Psy Dub n’ Breaks
(Liquid Records)

Exclusive Electro/Breaks Dj set from the Italian Maestro
(Interchill Records)

Nick Holden
The master of chill ventures upbeat into a PsyBreaks adventure
(IDspiral/Synergy Project)

Electro/PsyBeaks fusion to keep you bouncing with a smile =)
(Archangel^/ Synergy Project)

Deco: LiquidDrops.co.uk
Video: Pixel Addicts


In the Cream Room…
Costa Urbana

The starting point of Costa Urbana is the city by the sea, the Mediterranean metropolis; that inexplicably blissful contrast one is experiencing at the edge of the busy city-port… the strict blue horizon; the harbour, the voyage… It explores the beauty of the South European, Balkan, Middle Eastern and North African coast and its people; where tradition and roots in entertainment and the arts blend with modernity and new urban mythology. At Synergy CU will present like-minded live London-based projects and a new breed of roots clubbing from behind the decks.


Dr Cat Experience (Live)
Orientalist-Italiano bop-till-you-drop mashup

Bucimis (Live)
Roots’n’roll six-piece electric Balkan party-igniter band

Vimana (Live)
Distorted rumba gitana meets tabla beat science psy-folk duo

Ballalouda (Live)
Wholehearted ska-funk party music with a serious brass section

Depot (Live)
Balkan/Greek roots funk, jazzy playfulness and Latin cheekiness

Maghreb dubstep, tarantella trance, rock ‘n’ ra, Bosnian turbofolk, punk pizzica

Fela to Cairo’s raks sharqi, electro-cumbia to Balkan bastard brass

Penny Metal
Gypsy, klezmer, Balkan, Italian & rousing Russian Oi Oi Opa! tunes

Elles Clowns
Anar’clown troupe from Brittany in synergistic adventures

Balkan princess in a mystical, magical, captivating dance

Deco: Costa Urbana Friends
Visuals: Ant / Apolis


In the Deep Blue Room…
Laughing Room

Psycle, Nottingham’s most prestigious pyjama factory is proud to introduce “The Laughing Room”. The perfect answer to your evening’s entertainment. Working alongside Nottingham’s finest talent in silky material, The Laughing Room will be bringing you the very best in comfortable evening wear. From slippers to pipes and dressing gowns to smoking jackets, we’ll provide not only a musical treat but also cabaret and visual theatre to stimulate your glands.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, it pays to party in better eveningwear!


The Cracked Actors (Live Band)
€œOriginal Skunkrockers, keeping it real€
(Bard for Life Records)

Baron Bumpkin of Grove-upon-Gate (Live)
aka Silent Sound – Mashed up party tunes from your Nan’s pantry

Duke Winthrorpe Slicely the 5th
aka PluckingSkanker – Its like if Jive Bunny took DMT

The Gentlemen DJ’s:
(The Laughing Room, Psycle, Sublogik, D-Tuned, Switch and Rise of the Walrus)

Lord Lunchen Lazeington aka LunchOut
Earl Grimbleton Bling aka Pinch Penny
Baron Brendon Stropthorp aka DJ Collander
Count Caruthers Smithe the 1st aka Mr Smith
Sir Chumpalot the Impaler aka Coughdrop
Sir Slapington Shinetop the 4th aka Suspect One
Monsiegnour Emmanuel Quaff aka Hesk
Dafydd Gimpfoot (The Village Idiot) aka Axis of Dub

Performance Art
Capering Clowns – Tomfoolery
Fruit Girls – Burlesque Troop
Gary Magic – Street Magician

Lighting: Ye Olde Lighting Company aka Metempsychosis
Visuals: Gazbo Baggins of the Shire aka Vyrus Visuals
Decor: The Laughing Room aka Psycle



More Besides The Music…

Talks & Debates

TALKTALK: The Synergy Clubber’s Free Speech Forum

Have a strong opinion about a political issue? Do you want to publicise a protest? Maybe you want to let off steam. Or do you have something spiritual you want to share? Perhaps you want to read a poem. Suggestions to make Synergy better?

Whatever you want to say, come to the Deep Blue Sea Room at 10:30 (see GoodJeff) to speak for five to ten minutes about whatever you wish.

This will be a regular feature of the Synergy Talks. Your talk will be filmed and shown on the Net so your opinion/statement/words will reach a lot of people.


A panel of seasoned UK Psychedelic experts from various generations will help us look into the future of Psychedelics in general and into the future of UK Psychedelic research specifically. We will go backwards to go forwards, in time and place and see how the ideas of ‘psychedelic gurus’ such as Aldous Huxley,Tim Leary,Terrence and Dennis McKenna, Ken Kesey, Fraser Clark and others relate to the coming generation of psychedelic researchers.

We will look at the history of Psychedelic research (particularly in the UK) and what went right and what went wrong.

We will also look at Psychedelics in the context of women and various ‘ethnic’ groups, subject too often ignored.

Both the first and second Summers of Love will be explored in relation to Psychedelic usage and the development of the role of Psychedelics in Alternative Clubbing and Alternative Festivals will also be analysed.

We will also look at the changes in the legal situation on relation to psychedelics over the last 60 years focusing on the UK. Education about Psychedelics, a rarely discussed topic will be explored.

Then the Synergy panelists and the Synergy audience will brainstorm together to see how Psychedelic research might look in the future.

The panel will include Fraser Clark (former editor of ‘Encyclopedia Psychedelica’ and the founder of UK Alternative Psychedelic clubbing via ‘Megatripolis’ and ‘The Warp Experience’), Mark Heley (who brought Alternative Psychedelic clubbing to America from the UK via ‘ToonTown’ and has recently been involved in the Sunrise Celebration and WaveForm Festivals), Andy Letcher (author of the controversial best seller ‘Shroom which has upset some well established psychedelic icons), Greg Sams ( legendary activist/writer in the Counterculture since the 60’s), Anja Saunders (experiencedComplementary Therapist and Shamanic Guide, and completed the book written by her late husband Nicholas Saunders, ‘In Search of the Ultimate High)

This is a don’t miss event.

RAW POWER: How a Raw Food Diet Will Help You Achieve Optimum Health…..

Two of the most exciting and charismatic Raw Food ‘gurus’ in the UK, ‘Shazzie‘ and Kate(Wood) Magic come to Synergy to show Synergy clubbers the benefits of Raw Food and the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Shazzie and Kate magic will be discussing their latest project, The Ecstatic Bliss Revolution, and talking about how tuning into your body’s natural wisdom and divine intelligence with raw foods and superfoods can make superbeings of us all and empower us to create a happiness revolution where humanity can live together in love and peace.

Both speakers have written many articles, blogs and books about Raw Food and have talked about the benefits of Raw on radio and tv and YouTube as well. An in depth exploration into Raw Food from a scientific point of view, a health point view, a spiritual point view, a moral point of view as well as a taste point of view will be made.

The audience will be encouraged to get involved and question Shazzie and Kate. Kate and Shazzie will talk about their own conversions to Raw Food, the changes it made to their lives and the obstacles they encountered. They will also talk about raising children on a Raw Food diet.

Finally, they will look into the future of Raw Food and its role in helping to save the planet.

Shazzie is the author of: ‘Naked Chocolate’ (co-authored with David Wolfe), ‘Detox Your World’ and ‘Detox Delights’ is currently working on a book with Kate called ‘Ecstatic Beings’. She also runs a global online raw products shop.

Kate Magic is the author of ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw’ and ‘Raw Living’ and working on ‘Ecstatic Beings’ with Shazzie. She too runs a global online raw products shop.

If you believe the personal is the political and believe in taking responsibilty for your own health and want to eat delicious food as well, then do not miss this exciting ‘Raw Power’ presentation.


Talks Host and Creator: Jeff Laster who has been involved in the Alternative Culture since the late 60’s. He has hosted and created Talks, Debates and Alternative Theatre at clubs such as Parallel Youniversity, The Warp Experience and the Synergy Project.

Talks Co-Host and Advisor: Susanna Lafond has been a prominent activist in many various Alternative scenes such as the Newbury protests, StoneHenge, The Big Green Gatheringand the current Tara Protests in Ireland


Portraiture hosted by Wendalena
When did you last go out clubbing and end up sharpening your artistic skills by drawing in a live model class? Wendalena is certainly not your usual club culture performer and with her vibrant charisma she has managed to draw in audiences far larger than the live drawing circle can hold. The classes start at 12.30 am and finish at 3:30 am and take place in the cream room.
Presented by MaLi ArT*

***Get creative and make your own hand crafted cards***

This workshop will provide you with a way to connect with other crafters, while making stunning one-of-a-kind custom made cards for any occasions to share with your loved ones. Learn how to stand out from the rest and make a special occasion really memorable. You’ll find the technique used here very simple to impress the person who receive this. With a little advice and a few handy tips you could be producing works of art.

*We could arrange mailing for you with a little fee to cover the posting expenses – just have the addresses ready!

Time & Place: Deep Blue ~ 12 – 2am
Whale of a Time Clay Sculpting Workshops
hosted by Cyberstarlet

Explore your creativity and make your individual clay sculpture. Develop your sense of feeling and touching by forming and shaping clay.

Express your individual creativity; explore clay using your hands and clay shaping tools. Whether you’re sculpting your own heads blindfolded while listening to music, or you’re shaping a ball, expressing your individual personality by taking away and building up clay, or you’re choosing from images of species that have been known as endangered (see images at here) and get started building your realistic model of your favourite animals.

Bring your friends along and share your creativity and make the clubbing night fun and special creating your personal sculpture.

“Have a whale of a time!”

Images of your work will be displayed at www.whaleofatime.org/workshops.php
If you’d like you can take your piece home and continue working on it. And if you’re interested in firing your work in a kiln we can arrange that for a special fee.

Time and space: This is a 2 hour workshop, and is planned for the next Synergy event that is taking place on 23rd November, in the healing room from 1-3 am.
Socktopi and Sea Creature Puppet workshop

A puppet workshop making Octopi and Fish puppets from every day objects like socks and creating ‘Socktopi’.

The workshop area will also be used to promote the NGO ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ (www.sas.org.uk) – a UK charity which focus on raising awareness of Marine Environmental issues. The workshop area will be made into a ‘sea cave’ with fabric and would ideally need a couple of low tables.

It will be open in between 11:00-01:00 in the
a live video installation by visualchemy

inviting each and everyone of you to become one with the flow of visual art, step yourself into the matrix of projections and dance and become an interactive piece in this creative puzzle. Located at the back of the vibrant dance floor in market area this installation is an opportunity for all to express and create in synergy with the projections and the music…


Friday 23rd of November 2007
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 8am

The venue is the SeOne Club, Weston Street, London Bridge

Advanced tickets are available for £15 plus booking fee from our website until Sunday the 18th, 17+bf thereafter or for £20 on the door, £17 concessions are only available on the door with valid proof

Online tickets are available via the online shop @

https://thesynergyproject.org or also www.accessallareas.org

Physical Tickets from
Access All Areas – 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF
Star Tessa – unit 522 Camden stables market (former Psychedelic Dream Temple)
For questions please email info@thesynergyproject.org

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Next Confirmed Event: 2008
Friday 8th February