Get Involved


An Intro-guide to Getting Involved in Synergy

Synergy is a multi-layered organisation and so it’s possible to get involved on many levels. The Production of The Synergy Project gatherings at the SEOne club is broken down into two areas:

Room Production

Rooms are delegated to participating organizations which very for every event. Group coordinators take full responsibility for their space, are allocated a budget by the event production managers and programme all aspects of their rooms including music, performance, decor, projections, lighting and layout.

Though many room coordinators will already have their own crew, they will generally be happy to welcome new people. The more skilled a task, the more likely room-coordinators are to trust it to someone they know and have worked with before, though experience can be gained and contacts made by assisting a technician/artist, particularly during set-up and down.

General riggers are always welcome, particularly if they have some production experience. Rooms are also responsible for arranging a number of room stewards, who generally look after the welfare of guests.

Event Production

Production of the event as a whole occurs before, on and after the night.


  • Marketing – research and design of flyer images, design of flyer, distribution of flyer.
  • Press and Public relations – writing and distribution of press release, web-site editing, research and posting on web-forums / egroups, follow up calls to journalists, researching and contacting NGOs, handling stall enquiries and allocating stalls space.
  • Research and Development – researching and preparing materials relating to the raising awareness and consciousness of a variety of social, economic, political and spiritual issues relating to the purpose of Synergy, either independently or in partnership with NGOs.

On the night

  • Stewarding – currently organised on a room-by room basis, including the welcome area.
  • Information – designing, printing and posting up information materials about the production / message of Synergy.
  • Documentation – gathering of pictures and moving footage of the night
  • Welfare – looking after the welfare of guests on an event-wide basis, referring people in need or medical acre to the venue media, or providing a sympathetic space for attendants to centre or relax.


As far as financial reward is concerned, Synergy has different layers of payment. Those who have invested most in the project, in terms of hours, skill and experience, are generally paid the most, though most if a not all participants in Synergy do so to advance the aims and objectives of the project rather than gain.

While people thinking of getting involved in Synergy should not expect a full professional wage, Synergy recognises the importance of valuing, showing appreciation for and therefore sustaining the work of core crew.

This is particularly the case with people working on the admin between events, as this is often the least enjoyable work that safeguards the future of the project.

If you are a student also check out the intro guide for students!