Event Info – 7 October 2005

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Participating NGOs
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The Synergy Project

7 October 2005
SEOne, Weston Street, London SE1,
Tickets : £15 adv (+bf) £17 door £12 concs)

London’s leading conscious partying organisation returns from the festivals to celebrate the opening of the new Synergy Centre in Camberwell, a new focus for training, mutual support and collaboration for London’s creative and campaigning underground.

Since its launch in March 2002, Synergy has established itself as one of the most diverse, creative and progressive club nights in the country, with an eclectic mix of psychedelic trance, live festival bands, performance poetry, dance, conscious video installations, healing areas, wholefood cafes and information stalls from leading non-governmental organisations campaigning for social and environmental justice. With a strong non-profit ethos, uncompromising production values and some of the friendliest, unpretentious community vibes, Synergy stands apart from the stagnant commercialism of mainstream club land, fully earning the title of a vibrant indoor festival.

All profits from the night will be spent on the renovation and refurbishment of the South London warehouse space which Synergy have recently rented to realise their long-held dream of opening a centre focussing on work-based learning in the skill and technologies used in the Creative and Cultural Industries, the sector of the capital’s economy identified by the Greater London Authority and the London Development Agency as one of most vibrant and dynamic and therefore ideal for employment generation, particularly amongst London’s disadvantaged yet culturally diverse communities.

Over the years, many of the Synergy crew have managed to overcome their alienation and disaffection from orthodox patterns of employment in drudge filled nine to fives, enabling them to enter into self-employment offering considerable creative and communal fulfilment. Working with the young people of the South London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, Synergy look forward to sharing the experiences and skills to empower young people living in the disadvantaged communities surrounding the centre to set up their own social enterprises or acquire skills and experience which they can then harness to gain employment in the wider creative and cultural economy.

The opening of the centre signals the end of a long struggle that has seen Synergy emerge from the underground squatted social centre and squat party scene to gradually gain legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of the local authorities of South London. It also resonates with a broader trend whereby the protest and alternative movement, previously centred around the anti-Criminal Justice Bill and anti-roads protest movement of the early-mid 1990s, has gradually come of age, moving on from squatting to gain licenses or leases of their community premises.

This process has not necessarily been a smooth one, with some sections of the old guard criticising Synergy in particular for what they see as ‘hippy capitalism’, merely for working in an over-ground venue with its attendant costs. However, Synergy have found that rejecting the rhetoric of confrontation and exclusion in favour of engagement and collaboration has borne fruit, reaching out to communicate to new audiences and to work with new partners rather than remain isolated and irrelevant in the Green Ghetto.

On the 7th October, Synergy welcomes the return of the Liquid Connective, who will host a room of psy-trance featuring trance veterans Logic Bomb and the launch of Z-Man’s new album, ‘Story Teller’. Sangita Sounds return with global grooves featuring Avalonian Celtic Dub from Panacea and Paraguayan Harp music from Kike Pederson, while the Turaya Gathering host a room fusing contemporary live music with new wave electtonica featuring sets from Gaudi v Red Seal and the Peaking Goddess Collective.

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana, fresh from their Scottish escapades, where they led the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh before confronting Bob Geldof about the lack of African representation in Live8, join forces with Eddy Gongman in the Indigenous People room, while the Small World stage host an acoustic healing chill featuring singer-songwriters Carrie Tree and Pink ‘n Ruby.


in the Main (Trance) Room…
Liquid Connective

“fresh from the summers adventures, Liquid
Connective, community based music and arts organization, collaborate and celebrate with their affiliate organisations Liquid Records and Inside-Us-All, combining both cutting edge psychedelic trance and electronic music with conscious installation and visuals. All cradled in an awe-inspiring canopy of creation of exclusive new decorations from inhouse creators. Also for the first time ever at Synergy the dance floor will be smoke free (and whilst we realize that his is going to be quite a challenge we are hoping for all of your support and understanding)

Logic Bomb LIVE (TIP World / Solstice – Sweden)
Z Man LIVE “UK album launch of StoryTeller” (Ajuca Records – Sweden)
Hoopy Frood LIVE (Amboworld)

Arturo (UK Debut Appearence / Maia Records – Mexico)
Greg Zogg and Dil (Planet Zogg)
Alex Story (Fromem Ory / Liquid Records)
Liquid Ross and Liquid Elf (Liquid Records / Liquid Connective)
Luna Lis (Liquid Connective)
Visuals : Inside-Us-All

Decor : Fluffy Mafia / Altered States / Liquid Drops


Glow toy light shows provided by Jedi Jugglers.
Poi classes to be held soon at the new Synergy Centre.
Contact jedijugglers@yahoo.co.uk for more info.


in the Blue Room…

Conscious Events – creators and organisers of the holistic and world fusion arts event “The Turaya Gathering” host this months eclectic chillage room at Synergy. A unique fusion of contemporary live music and new wave electronica, interactive performance intertwined with multi-media and ultrasonic arts. . .

Live Acts
Gaudi vs Red Seal *** Double Trouble Sound System
Deep dub roots psychedelic electronika
The Peaking Goddess Collective
Ethnic grobal grooves and tribadelic sounds
Organic electronica. . . deep world dub fusion
Beat Tree
Avant guard world fusion and eclectic jazztronica.
Soothing latin grooves with delicious sampledelics.

Liquid Djems
Andrew Interchill
Nick Interchill

Audio Visual Syncopation
Inside Us All

Photographic/Multi-Media arts installation
Documentography – a collective of international documentary/contemporary visual artists based in london. . . tackling contemporary issues through the visual medium. Including photography, independent short films and multi-media and documentary screenings throughout the night.

Turaya Creative
Liquid Faeries

Armeli Dance Co


in the Deep Blue Room…
Sangita Sounds

We have a specially selected line-up of sonic and visionary wizards to manifest a deep and luscious ambience. Global grooves merge with magic melodies in our melting pot of conscious collectivism. Join us in the Heart Cave and cosmingle with the full spectrum of holistic peace vibrations. From the Avalonian-Celtic dub of Panacea to Paraguayan Harp music with Kike Pederson, our artists, DJs and VJs will create a magic carpet ride of sound to take you on a global spiritual journey.

MixMasterMorris (Ninjatunes)
Jon Dub Loon (Future Ambient Funk)
Noodreem (Global Grooves & Cosmic Chillout)

Panacea (Celtic Dub – LIVE)
T.O.R.O.S (Electro- Acoustic Ambient trance LIVE PA)
Kike Pederson (Paraguayan Harp! – LIVE)

Special lighting arrangements by Shiva Photonics
VJ magic from Tantric and Synasis
Visionary art by Miho Dubgipsy
Vaastu by Narottam
Deco by Pixie People

And in the healing arches:

Psy-baba’s especially for you, here again to enhance the party with a whole range of healing experiences. We’ll take you there and bring you back. Be relaxed and energized mentally physically and spiritually.


in the Red Room…
Indigenous People

An exploration of the ancestral wisdom of indigenous culture.

Featuring live acoustic world music from :

Kakatsitsi (quite big please), Master Drummers from Ghana, against a backdrop of still and moving images from the Jamestown fishing community of Accra.

Eddy Gongman – cosmic Gong journey and symphonic ceremony.

DJs : Giankar (Natural Order) – Global Beats and Ethnic Breaks.

Indigenous – old skool roots and reggae

Earshot Cinema – a montage of chilled beats and inspirational and provocative spoken word.

Primitive Projectionalia by Mr Magoo

Visual Art exhibition from Jerry Blankson (Ghana)

African Decor, masks and statues.


the indigenous room will feature a no tobacco policy, whilst educating about a wide range of herbal and more healthy alternatives.


in the Cream Room…
Small World Stage

acoustic and soothing
This time our acclaimed live outfit is going to womb you into its creative comfort zone, deep in the belly of the SeOne’s caverns, allowing the magic of singer songwriters to take you away on a journey of relaxation and inspiration.

Carrie Tree – angelically beautiful
Pink n Ruby – soft and gentle
Fantasmagoria – gypsy ska cabaret
Bindu Babas – goan loveliness
I-Fly – inspiring music for mind and heart

With DJ Pony weaving it all together


Plus of course our as ever inspiring partners in affiliated NGOs and Charities, presenting accessible ways to stuff “that matters”