Event Info – 11 November 2005

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The Synergy Project

Friday, 11th November 2005
SEOne Club London Bridge, Weston Street, SE1 London UK

a big experiment – a big change over – a big learning curve
and with all of that: a wonderful gathering once again!

A lot of things happened for the very first time – and this is always an exciting step to take.
For the first time ever we hosted a panel discussion in the main room – representing speakers like Greg Sams, Yap, David Rovics and Annie Machon – presented by our very own Paradox.

Also the fact that the main room was not the usual stomping trance room that we have accustomed to – a daring move – but we feel it certainly made up for an interesting change – taken care of by IDSpiral who also provided a deep healing chill-out space.

The dance room was then moved to the other side of the venue, the so-called blue room, hosted by Inside-Us-All, legendary for their Trance Room at the November 2004 event. They once again outdid themselves with their elaborate VJ production and general room decoration. Very clever
read about the charitable nature of the inside us all organization here

The live music room was once again be looked after by the Small World Stage, providing a night of bands and DJs, fermented in the global melting pot and distilled into festival spirit.

The Gallery, hosted by no one else but Art Nation renowned for their excellent displays and installations, created the warmth and creativity that we are used to by now – involving artists from all walks of life, the wishing tree, a photo exhibition and a giant squid…

We also continued to further the non smoking vision – by widening the areas of non smoking – and yes, it worked a treat. With the help of an army of stewards who kept reminding everyone – thanks for all of your cooperation.


in the Blue (Trance) Room…

http://www.inside-us-all.com – a global organization already respected for their elaborate video installations and thought provoking content exhibit their next stream of exiting projects.

Inside-us-all audio/video performance (Diesel-U-music Vj winner 2005)
Weaver and Calve audio/video performance

Barclay (resident, psycle)
iLona (dragonfly, USA)
Gandolfi (Synergy)
Dan Norwood (Uk)
Kana Banana (Japan)
Snafu (omniscience)

Inside-us-all (Diesel-U-music Vj winner 2005)
Pixylight (USA- avit retreat 2005)
CorsenFx (Diesel-U-music Vj winner 2004)


in the Main (Chill) Room…

IDSpiral is a diverse and unique exploration of textured chill, live ambient grooves, poetry and performances all set within IDSpiral’s inimitable zen art environment.

Etmo (live) – eclectic electronic beats with jazz and ethnic influence
wild beatnik poetic happening – the Fugitives (live)
Spatialize (live) – ambient grooves deluxe
Dymons (live) – psy-dub and break chill
Wemoonspiral – a magical shadow puppetry performance
David Rovics (live) political singer songwiter www.davidrovics.com
Sara Popowa – enter yourself…a dance performance
Tayron – Mime Dance Performer
Lambo muffin – AV set
Film Preview hosted by Billy Tantric

All sonically tied together by Mudra (IDSpiral)

Visual installation crafted and curated by Frolic
With visual content by Quadroptica, Inside Us All, Billy Tantric and Stephane

Also a panel discussion will take place on the intriguing theme “How real is our Reality” – a question crucial to the current evolutionary crisis/opportunity facing humanity – this broad header aims to inspire discussion in both a political/social as well as a spiritual direction – recognizing the fact that these two issues are inevitably interconnected. Inviting a diverse range of speakers from various camps and hosted by our very own Paradox in the earlier parts of the night in the IDSpiral Chill Out!


in the Cream (live) Room…
Small World Stage

Small World Stage is a night of live music and dj sets fermented in the global melting pot and distilled into festival spirit

Kissmet- a storming fusion of bhangra, funk, chants and ragas
Kakatsitsi- Master drummers from Ghana
Brecha- Explosive afro-cuban dance outfit

Interwoven by DJ’s:
Fancy Pants- anything fun, anything lush and anything goes!
Pony- latin funk, world and jazz blended with artists from the small world


in the Red Gallery…
Art Nation

…transforming the heart of the venue into an interactive multi-sensory gallery

Indymedia- showcasing radical and independent films about creative resistance to globalization throughout the world

Films from and about the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, the laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and others…

Hallucinatory Vibrations from the Edensounds crew- DJ Paygan, DJ G, DJ SJB

Gallery Visuals- Hugh Hill, Paul Flack, Rosemarie Lopes

Portraiture workshop by Wendelena and the now legendary Wishing Tree

Synergy continues its work to safeguard everyone’s inclusion by implementing a partial non-smoking policy throughout the night. We hope that you will understand our vision and help us by supporting this exciting and daring project.