Event Info – 24 April 2004

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Participating NGOs
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The Synergy Project

Saturday April 24th 2004
SEOne, Weston Street, London SE1 10pm-8am
Tickets £15 (£10 concs door), £13 + booking fee in advance

Once again the synergy project invites you to what is quickly becoming one of the most exhilarating club experiences in London today.

Since its launch in March 2003, Synergy has fast gained recognition as the most diverse and creative of all London’s club nights – a unique conscious mix, full of art and creativity as well as thought provoking performances, mind stimulating artwork and films, awareness raising material and the work of partner NGOs. The Synergy Project is a not-for profit organization that aims to unite many different genres and scenes under one umbrella, fuelled by the desire to show viable alternatives to established ideologies and institutions. A showcase for established and emerging talent, Synergy facilitates a regeneration of community economics, culture and spirit amidst the alienation of urban consumerism.

We are constantly reaching out to the wider community and welcome your participation – on any level.

Finally we are ready to present you the fabric that will be used to weave the next event:

in the Main Room…
Idspiral & Enzyme Records

The main dance space will be a collaboration of IDSpiral & Enzyme Records from Brighton. Rest assured that you will be taken on yet another magical journey of light and bliss. Amongst others a supply of contemporary ideas from Enzyme will fill the space with quality music and visual delights to test your sensory boundaries…letting you in on the debut album ANCIENTFUTURE…..introducing some of the newest sounds from the upcoming young talents in this fresh label, providing positive energy

with full power music to make you smile and dance, dance, dance…
on the decks (in this order):

psydslip (psyclipse)
kaleidosonic – AV set (Project Ozma – IDSpiral)
vinny (enzyme)
horizon live (enzyme)
john phantasm (enzyme)
zorflux (enzyme)
dark angel (project ozma)

shamanic rap from from John Crow

and visual stimuli from Inside-Us-All and Tree.
Deco by Zuvoya, IainDub, Shantiluna and IDSpiral


in the Cream Room…
Small World

Indulge yourself in the warmth and friendliness of Small World’s live stage show. Taking you on a journey that starts with poetry and ends with flat out party Salsa via Celtic tribal dance. With live performances from:

Kangaroo Moon – With their Celtic didgeridoo acoustic trance
Kesha – A melting pot of Cuban Mediterranean Salsa dance
The Poets of wisdom – John Crow, Niall McDevitt, Spacegirl, Paradox, Whatshername, Dj backing by Mindweed and live beats by Roddy McDevitt. Mixing short, sharp, punchy poems, acoustic songs and political standup, loosely under a banner of William Blake’s visionary world.
All ingeniously and lovingly strung together by resident Dj’s Tehomas and Pony.
A full flavour cycle through the renown Small World Magic of instrumental grooves and soothes!


in the Red Room…
The Gallery

The gallery will once again play host to more interactive art activities & continue the tradition of showing work by extremely talented but under exposed artists.Simply chill under the beautiful wishing tree in our funky fluro garden, make wishes, draw, play games, get involved, make a statement…

…meanwhile also in the gallery

The Revelation gogo Broadcasting LIVE PSINEMA invite you to THINK ABOUT IT – Featuring provocative shorts from UNDERCURRENTS activist video network interspersed with acid commentary from diverse spoken wordsmiths, featuring

– TONY ALLEN – Mixed Ability Shaman, The godfather of alternative comedy
– YAP- The ranters ranter
– shortMAN-One of many
– WHATSERNAME-Kitchen sink drama queen
and more

Guaranteed to activate the grey matter and awaken latent subversive tendencies


in the Chill Blue Room…
LSD (Liquid Sound Design)
and Stoned Asia Music.

Liquid Sound Design is Youth`s downbeat / ambient label. over the last 6 years LSD`s music has spread over the planet, fusing cutting edge tecnology, dub and electronica with ethnic grooves and ethereal melodies.The soundtrack of the expanding mind LSD is moving towards pastures green and exciting in 2004. LSD is to release the debut album of “Abakus” – “That much closer to the Sun”. It is a melting pot of sublime beats / breaks / dub/ trance and iberian melody. Abakus will be playing LIVE with the support of label manager and artist(Nada/Humito) Humphrey. Their magick sounds have been enchanting the globe over the last few years

Orchestral World Groove is a project created by Pathaan (A&R Stoned Asia Music, DJ, Journalist, Music, Writer, Globe trotter and full-time muso) and partner Gaudi (Music Producer Extraordinaire), that aims to turn on the world to a new concept of world music. If the crowds @ Cargo or wherever they’ve performed are anything to go by, when these guys do their ‘live multi channel manipulation soundscape’ they not only reach another level of consciousness but so do the people on the floor gaining more additions to their global musical tribe. Expect to hear, world music for the dancefloor with elements of tech and house thrown in, as well as the additional sounds from the theramin, moog, hand sonic drum machine and various effect boxes giving them an additional live element.

Healing Space

The healing space will once again offer a vast array of alternative healing methods and as always we host a large number of NGO stalls, market area, festi cafés – we have puppeteers and spontaneous dance performers, a heart warming welcome area and simply the nicest crowd in London!