Event Info – 24 April 2009

Luminopolis postponed

“no ID, no entry” = No thanks!


We have decided to postpone the event scheduled for the 24th April 2009.

Following a murder at our current venue – seOne London – last October, Southwark Council’s licensing committee has introduced additional licensing conditions, including a mandatory “no ID, no entry” door policy. This requires that ticket holders present valid photo ID at the door which gets scanned and permanently stored in a commercial database.

This presents us with a dilemma. Audience safety and security has always been one of our priorities, we have a great stewarding team to compliment the venue’s security team, and you are generally a very peaceful crowd. We’ve never seen a serious incident at the 25 events we’ve held over the last 6 years at seOne.

However, we have grave concerns about the creeping loss of privacy that ID cards represent – the campaigning group NO2ID is one of the many NGOs that have attended our events, and we support their position wholly. We don’t want our magical event to become a component part of the intrusive database state. We are sure that you agree.

We have been trying to find a suitable multi-room venue, but nothing has become available within the time-frame. So we have to cancel April’s event whilst we find a new home. We feel that the long term survival of the project is more important than a single show or temporary set-back.

We shall return in the Autumn after the festival season, at a new location with something very special. Come and be creative with us then.

Love and Light


NB: If you have bought a ticket already, it will be valid at the next event. Alternatively, you can obtain a full refund by contacting the ticket office (Access All Areas in Camden).

Full Press Release Here


At our next event, room hosts will be Liquid Records in the main room bringing you their unique flavour of psytrance; Binglybongly with a selection of inspirational electronic & live acts; Small World showcasing superb alternative & acoustic performers; and the Inspiration Hall providing debates, films, poetry, and music.

In addition we have a new concept called The Hub which will be the magickal heart of the event – an experimental space with music, performers, visual arts, playful interaction, and oh so much more! Our first Hub will combine elements from Skandalous, Earthheart, and Free Mind.

Pictures from the last Luminopolis event
Pictures from the last Synergy Project event

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