Event Info – 10 March 2006

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The Synergy Project

Friday, 10th March 2006
SEOne Club London Bridge, Weston Street, SE1 London UK

We returned for yet another magical night of art, dance, and inclusive diversity – undoubtedly one of London’s most creative and inspiring club experiences

As anyone who ever went would know Synergy gathers an incredibly colourful and vibrant crowd whilst managing to cast a critical eye on the troubled social and environmental situation of our planet. Embedded within a powerful celebratory context that caters for some of the most eclectic taste buds Synergy offers a glimpse into a different reality, bringing together artists and campaigners from London’s alternative and environmental community.
Exploring new ways of living and working Synergy is seeking a healthier and more
harmonious co-existence.

Have a look at the creative players:


in the Main Room…

One of London’s most acclaimed positive vibe tribes promoting self expression through electronic uplifting and inspiring music and dance. In collaboration with Frolic Productions, renowned for putting on breathtaking multimedia displays, they will present the trance room for this Synergy event. Fairytales have always focused their club concept on the importance of transforming the surroundings of a party experience – connecting the individual/collective “conscious learning” of such an experience though a structured and cutting-edge multimedia interaction. A journey through stripped down panoramic dubs via progressiveness in trance sounds & dances exploding in kaleidoscopic morning frenzy!

Cimi vs M-Theory (Neurobiotic Rec.-Frolic Productions)


Hopi (Dragonfly Rec.)
Josko (Neurobiotic Rec. / Indica Music / Sonica Festival)
Meko (Crystal Vision rec. / Sonica Festival)
Nic No Name (Frolic Productions)
Nova (Ultimae Rec)


Glow toy light shows provided by Jedi Jugglers


in the Cream Room…
Small World Stage

The festival feel and heart brought to the indoors of central London, a delicate energetic balancing act that few master with such grace and intuition. With the Small World being of the regulars at Synergy we can safely say that we enjoyed some pretty breathtaking moments again.

Kamel Nitrate – Funky Middle Eastern Global Dance
Los Albertos – Finest Featival Ska
Orchid Star – Global Beats-Ambient Dance

Barclay – Dub, Beats and Funky Electronica
Pony – Festival Funk, Twirly World and Jump the Fence Jazz

Also featuring the amazingly popular portraiture class hosted by our beloved Wendalena throughout the night – materials are provided!

Fair Trade Cafe, Walk About Performers, Magicians, Face Painters, Portrait Painters and wonderful dressed up characters.

Throughout the entire venue we will be testing a new air purification system – provided by The Happiness Centre and Ecoquest.


in the Red Room…
The Synergy Centre Space

The crew of the Synergy Centre break new ground as they join forces with the local young people of Camberwell and Peckham to host a room showcasing some of the finest activities at our communities home.

Climate Change: Too big a problem?
A talk hosted by Campaign Against Climate Change, chaired by Rosie Bess Campaign Against Climate Change speakers:
Jonathan Essex, Green Party Climate Change spokesperson
Jo Abbess from Operation Noah
Guy Shrubsole from People and Planet
Duncan Law, Climate Outreach and Information Network. This discussion, chaired by CCC with a panel of experts will inform you about what Climate Change is; challenge you to look at it’s implications now and for the future and invite you to get involved in doing something about it.

The Acoustic Music and Poetry Night
Presents some of the finest sing-song writers from the regular Tuesday night session at the center.

Kakatsitsi – Master Drummers, Ghana’s finest return to host a session of interactive, participatory drumming and dancing – a traditional set, followed by a guided jam facilitated by Allotey Richter (Djembe), Nii Boye Owoo (Gome) and Akoto Annan (dance), moving later to the drum circle in the entrance area.

Musical and spoken word performances from the Hub Collective – a network of young artists from East Peckham.

Capoeira Abolicao presents a moving performance of the Afro-Brazilian ritual art-form, showcasing Capoeira’s dynamic and interactive dance of freedom. Hosting regular workshops at the Synergy Centre, Abolicao supports an international children’s charity – the Abolicao Trust.

Decor by Karen and others!!!

Also featuring:

WoocooYa Temple
neatly tucked into the Synergy Centre room is the healing area, a tranquil blend of hands on healers with the full rainbow spectrum of skills including shiatsu, aromatherapy, Thai massage, and energy based practices. Here to help build up your defences, party warriors, and if you’ve been battling then feel free to wind down with us.


in the Blue Room…

a magical world of relaxing grooves, visuals and positive vibes to inspire and energise.

Etmo – eclectic beats with jazz and ethnic influence
Teresa Gabriel – sublime heart stopping songs

Minky – funky eclectic lounge
DJ Fluffy Lynn – for chilled out grooves
Rich Morley – exotic flavoured beatz and grooves
Pete Ardron – dubby global trip

Decor by Eric Fabricate, Ed Art Nation and IDSpiral

Projection by Hyperthesis and Jaime Rory Lucy

All of this is was as usual framed by the encouraging work of our collaborating NGOs like Oxfam, Greenpeace, Survival, Stop the war and other peace and social development collectives enriched by ethical traders and organic festival cafes plus a truly heart warming and colourful audience – that is you…