Event Info – 11 May 2007

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The Synergy Project

Friday, 11th of May 2007

SEOne Club London Bridge, Weston Street, SE1London UK

The dynamic collective of the Synergy community gathers one last time before a long summer break!

Synergy is a magical indoor festival, combining musicians, DJs, VJs, performers, and artists from all corners of creativity, joined by various proactive NGOs and charities.

Synergy strives to create an optimistic approach in raising awareness on the many crucial issues affecting our world today. The events gather some of the UK’s leading creative multimedia organizations alongside international NGOs such as Oxfam, Survival, Speak, WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Campaign Against Climate Change, to provide just the right mix of open hearted enjoyment and meaningful reflection for a new direction.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a Peaceful Smoking Inititative.

This will be the last event until October so we have prepared something extra special for you!

In the Grey Room…
Liquid Records

Liquid Records and Friends make another move into the capital, bringing their audio delight and ground breaking sounds to the main stage of Synergy, enriched by the beauty of the UK’s leading video installation and production crews Pixel Addicts and Inside-Us-All.

Also back from afar we welcome the return of the Fluffy Mafia with their awesome suspended decor and canopies. The music program for the evening will feature some of the most diverse sounds ever to greet the Synergy audience. Beginning with Ambient, through to Psychedelic Break-Beats from the UK’s leading underground labels and organisations, and into the best of the Now in Global Psychedelic Trance, seamlessly stitched together in the logic of connectiveness.

For more news of the hottest new sounds and events this year, check Liquid’s website address:


Mood Deluxe – LIVE (Liquid Records)
Psychedelic Trance and Breaks Fusion

Introspective – LIVE (Sinister Records)
New Form Live Dancefloor Breaks

Rex – LIVE (Sinister Records)
Robo Funking Psy Prawns

Tron – LIVE (Liquid Records – Mexico)
Frest n’ Fat Psychedelic Trance

Telepathik – LIVE (Liquid Records – USA)
Debuting forthcoming album on Liquid Records

DJ Zefer (Life Festival – Dublin/Spain)
Crowning the evening with one of his mighty psytrance sets

Luna Lis (Liquid Connective)
Alice returns to bless Synergy with her ambient and dub delights

MaryMissFairy (Delta Connection)
Sensational Kentish Break-Beat DJ

Deco: Fluffy Mafia, Mr Rossi, Inside-Us-All
Visuals: Pixel Addicts

Glow toy performances throughout the venue by the Jedi Jugglers www.jedijugglers.co.uk


In the Blue Room…
Archangel City Breaks

Archangel^ are pleased to bring the award winning “City Breaks” roster to the Synergy Project for the first time. Expect ground breaking bassline breakbeat with a touch of psychedelics.

You can catch the same line up as part of the Waveform Dance Arena at the forthcoming Sunrise Festival, Antiworld outdoor festival and residency @ Brixton Jamm etc. www.archangelmusicgroup.co.uk


DJ Ackers (Archangel^)
Full spectrum breaks

Rcaine (Archangel^)
Bassline breaks

FresholdLIVE (Archangel^/Control Breaks)
(includes Mancini Live PAwww.manciniband.co.uk)

Subsource – LIVE (Archangel^/Spin Out)

The Breakfastaz LIVE (Against The Grain)

Far Too Loud – LIVE (Archangel^/Broke/Funkateck/777/Silo)
Psy Breaks

Drum Monkeys – LIVE (Archangel^/Westway)

DJ Zaidi (Archangel^)
Psy Breaks

Visuals: Pixel Addicts www.pixeladdicts.com
Decor: www.phar-psyde.co.uk


In the Cream Room…
Ceilidh Project

Ceilidh Project revives the magic of a traditional ‘Ceilidh’ format with an injection of high energy acoustic dance bands. We welcome you to drop in to our dance workshops and we’ll teach you the moves! Or just come to listen to the bands and do-your-own-thing, but we think you’ll have more fun if you join in!


The Committee Band – LIVE
A whopping 10 piece ‘wall of sound’ guaranteed to get you stomping with their unique blend of traditional tunes and popular dance rhythms. Let caller Nick Walden lead you in a ground breaking Ceilidh workshop.

Rocas – LIVE
A youthful concoction of traditional tunes, soulful singing and funky rhythms which will soon have you up and dancing. Join the infamous Gordon Potts for a feast of called dances in his intoxicatingly vibrant style.

Folkus – LIVE
Debut performance from Mandolin virtuoso Sam Skey. A wealth of traditional music from near and far, contemporised by smooth ambient harmonies and hard hitting dance beats. Including guest performers.

Dark Angel
Global Roots and Jazz to keep you on the boil.

Mudra (ID Spiral)
Wind down to deep chill and acoustic vibes, with a pinch of eastern European spice.

Duolu – Once again providing Decor with beautiful artwork inspired by our previous Ceilidh workshops and folk/traditional music events across the UK.


In the Deep Blue Room…
Sangita Sounds

Sangita Sounds is part of the Global Peace Movement. With our international selection of musicians, producers, DJ’s and artists, we represent a magical aspect of transcendental reality. We share a harmonic resonance of the ancient future cosmological elements of love & light and their application to music and the arts. On this night we bring you a psychedelicate blend of spiritual sounds to inspire and uplift our hearts and minds. Join us once more in the Heart Cave and enjoy a kaleidoscopic ecstatic experience with our Full Spectrum Music for Peace.



Dubsahara (Dakini Records)
Nomadic Desert Sonica

Noodreem (Sangita Sounds)
Luminescent Electroacoustica

Spectralite (Twisted Records)
Hi-fidelic Mystical Ambience


Haladhar (Sangita Sounds)
Blissed Beats for the Goddess

Maha-Ra (Sangita Sounds)
Devotional and Ecstatic Kirtan

Conscious Music from the New World

Orchid Star (Liquid Sound)
Lush and Colourful Fusion Music

Visionary Artists – Dubgipsy / Tantric Billy / Muriel / Pixie People
Vaastu – Narottam
Chai – Sangita Sadhus

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Tobacco Free Zone at this event. Lets try to shape this experience into a cleaner one!
As ever we are delighted to host the healing space with our wonderful crew of healing arts practitioners. Feel free to kick off your shoes in the healing arch and find out more


Talks & Debates

A series of presentations hosted by Jeff (‘GoodJeff’) Laster will be held on the night:


A panel of climate change experts will debate whether it is human-created carbon emissions which are responsible for current global warming, or sunspots and other ‘natural’ phenomena, or a mixture of both explanations.

Should we be concentrating on reducing carbon emissions, or are we wasting our time, energy and money? Current governmental actions in response to global warming will be looked at from various angles, as will individual strategies. Are we acting too slowly or too hysterically?

The future of the planet’s climate will then be explored by our panel.

The Synergy audience will have ample opportunity to present their own views and questions to the panel will be welcome.

Featuring on the panel will be:

Polly Devlin, popular writer and broadcaster on environmental
issues from the Ecologist magazine.

Mike Buick, respected climate change expert and analyst from Climate Care, Oxford,

Daniel Spencer from SYNERGY, longtime climate change activist.

Piers Corbyn, the acclaimed astrophysicist and meteorologist from Weather Action.

Richard D. North the well known writer (former Times environmental columnist), broadcaster and commentator from Living Issues.


“We Must Be the Change We Wish to See in the World”. So said Mahatma Gandhi. The BE THE CHANGE’ movement took those words to heart and created a framework and facility to help people make that truth take reality in their own lives.

On May 11, in conjunction with the Synergy Project Global Warming debate, members of BE THE CHANGE will be showing us what exactly BE THE CHANGE is about and how it can assist you in becoming a vessel for realising the change you wish for.


In the Red Room…
The Synergy Gallery

In collaboration with Art Nation and Neo-Dogma-Non; Synergy will host a captivating art gallery, featuring works by forward thinking artists who set out to inspire others with important messages, portrayed through various forms of artistic expression such as photography, paintings, short films and installations.


Art Not Oil – a London Rising Tide project aimed at encouraging artists to create work that explores the damage that companies like BP and Shell are doing to the planet, and the role art can play in counteracting that damage. www.artnotoil.org.uk/

Neo-Dogma-Non is an art movement to raise human awareness with the intention to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. It is a social enterprise, an organisation that is dedicated to creating social change rather than profit. www.neo-dogma-non.com

Claire Zakiewicz – Connections between sound, text and visual elements in art.

Paul Flack – Showing new work on The History of the Word and Censorship

Native Spirit Festival Preview of Indigenous Film and Video Shorts

Samantha Allflatt – self-portraits of the mind www.okya.co.uk/samantha_allflatt

& other surprise expositions!

Cinema and visuals to inspire you about some of the crucial issues affecting our world today presented by Hyperthesis, Optic Fibre & StealthSyst3ms

Comfy environment & ambient soundscapes from
Sofa Sundaze, and make your wishes come true with the un-missable Wishing Tree!

Also featuring Wendalena – LIVE portrait drawing class
The classes start at 12:30 and finish at 03:30am – don’t miss it! – all materials provided

Art workshops and creative things to do. Come and join in, everyone welcome.


Mutlimedia Entrance Area by The Pixel Addicts!


As most of you will know Synergy is one of the pioneering clubs that supports the peaceful (and healthy) coexistence of smokers and non-smokers alike. To this effect we are designating large areas that are clearly marked as non-smoking. We have received much support for this attempt – thank you to all who help us achieve this not always easy goal.


Friday 11th of May 2007

Starting at 10pm and finishing at 8am

The venue is the SeOne Club, Weston Street, London Bridge

Advanced tickets are available for £15 plus booking fee from our website or for £20 on the door, £15 concessions are only available on the door with valid proof

Please bring ID if you look like you might still be in your teens

Please also do not buy from ticket touts!

Online tickets are available via the online shop @
https://thesynergyproject.org or also www.accessallareas.org

Physical Tickets from:

Access All Areas – 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF 0207 267 832
StarTessa – unit 522 Camden stables market (former Psychedelic Dream Temple)

for questions please email info@thesynergyproject.org

Or if you just want to become a friend of Synergy, join us at www.myspace.com/thesynergyproject
We are happy to meet you! =)