Student Representative


As part of our outreach effort to the wider world, Synergy is particularly keen to engage with students, particularly those studying subjects that touch on the broader aims of the Project.

Opportunities for students to participate in Synergy are numerous :

Promotion – distributing flyers, putting up posters, gathering email addresses, sending emails.

Recruitment – enrolling other fellow students in the Project.

Event Production – contributing art / decor, performing, DJing, healing, rigging, sound engineering or stewarding.

Selling tickets – distributing tickets on campus.

– Synergy would particularly welcome and support any student who wished to develop a project, alone or in partnership with other individuals or organisations, such as participating Non-Governmental Organisations such as Oxfam, Actionaid, Greenpeace etc, that raised awareness of an issue that fell within the broad field of ‘holistic education’.

– Helping to organising a Synergy event at your college / university.

A Synergy Info Stall

One excellent way to reach out to people is via an info-stall, set up on campus or at other club nights, with leaflets from all the leading, and a variety of smaller NGOs / Campaigns, plus info about Synergy events and projects. Synergy can provide all the materials, plus free entry into a wide variety of London’s clubs can be arranged.