Participating NGO – Friends of the Earth


Friends of the Earth inspires solutions to environmental problems. We seek to influence policy and practice through an honest, accurate and open approach. There are over 200 local Friends of the Earth groups and more than 70 Friends of the Earth International groups – we are the only local-global environmental campaign group. If you would like to find out more about your local group or would like more information about the campaigns that we run, visit our website,

Campaigning at Synergy has been a brilliant way for Friends of the Earth to tell
more people about what we stand for. Our key philosophy is to encourage living
within the limits of the natural world, so that everyone, everywhere, now and
tomorrow can have a good life.

To this end, we have run campaign stalls on issues from transport and aviation to
corporate responsibility. People have been able to sign a card to Tony Blair to
keep the pressure on him to cut carbon emissions, or draw and eat some local fruit
and veg whilst reading about the benefits of buying locally.

It’s also been a brilliant opportunity to network with other NGOs who also have
stalls, and bring our group members together for a fun evening of dancing, chatting
and campaigning.


       Synergy Project November 2006                                  Collecting Signatures