Participating NGO – Inside-Us-All



Inside us All, the talented visual crew, are once again joining forces with Synergy to spread awareness and information about their charity projects in India.

Creative Solutions for Children

The Team:

•    Mark Calvert: Project Coordinator
•    Miriam Wondrak: Charity Coordinator & Child Support Worker
•    Barclay Lane: Accountant & Administration
•    Ralph Lambert: Film Maker & Photographer
•    Dave Green: Computer Imaging Specialist & Artist
•    Louise Gandolfi: Child Support Worker & Artist


To provide resources, volunteers and basic needs to a range of child inspired organisations:

The Joshua project, Pushkar, Rajasthan.
A community driven project enabling support for orphan and street children of Pushka.
This organisation is also closely linked with:
The Children and Poor Communities Development Organisation (CPCDO), Cambodia.

“the creative thinkers forum” (t.c.t.f)
An NGO (non-government organisation) who explore social and political issues within India. A body of educated individuals organised to contribute effective and resourceful solutions to improve everyday life for Indian Communities. Our main focus within this organisation is:
The Creativity School, Indira Slum Camp, South Delhi.

Our personal and long term project is the development of:
inside-us-all school & artist retreat
A centre for children and artists to exchange skills, knowledge and world experiences, working closely within a community improving living conditions and developing a wider understanding of Eco Living and development possibilities for the children.

Our work combines:

•    Raising money for our objective projects through corporate and social fundraising events across the UK.

•    Developing media productions outlining devastating problems within Slum communities.
Filmed, produced and distributed by inside-us-all productions.

•    Collecting equipment & resources to improve the facilities within our school based projects.

•    Presenting first hand accounts to European based Charity Organisations, with the drive of securing more international funds to help our projects.

•    Securing individual help from trained persons to work on a volunteer basis within the objective projects.


Project Press Release:

“Presently working with four community development societies based in India, each project exists to develop a basic level of education for children within poverty stricken areas.
From our recent visits and our ongoing help, each school made us more conscious of their under-developed resources.

The children suffer in immensely tough environments, often orphans or outcasts of unstable families. With problems ranging from child prostitution, gambling, drugs, domestic violence & crime their lives are ruined at a very young age.
Each project we’ve chosen to support is successfully providing hope and opportunity to the kids. Courses in basic math, language and crafts are helping children to develop skills and enabling them to interact within society.

One of inside-us-all’s main objectives is to work directly with children ourselves. By building our own education centre, by supplying educated and diverse individuals to one specific project. inside-us-all hopes to construct its own place of learning. Over the next few years we will be travelling to and from South America to develop relationships with communities enabling us to work towards a more creative option for slum / village children. We look forward to any help you can offer this project.


This project will be our long term direction, and we are looking for skilled volunteers, teachers, renewable energy experts, international communicators, political experts & individuals with a flare for life.