Participating NGO – World Development Movement


The World Development Movement (WDM) tackles the underlying causes of poverty.
We lobby decision makers to change the policies that keep people poor.
We research and promote positive alternatives.
We work alongside people in the developing world who are standing up to injustice.

Image Image The world has the wealth and means to end poverty. Yet nearly half of the world's population live on less than £1.40 a day. Over 11 million children will die from poverty-related illness this year alone.

The aims of WDM and the philosophy of the Synergy Project are closely aligned - we both make positive change through engaging with people. Synergy events have become an integral part of our opportunities to reach out and get people involved, putting pressure on politicians and business to make a fairer world. It also should be mentioned that its great fun! Please come along and have a chat to us, and help ensure we get justice for the world's poor. Image Image
The WDM campaigns stall at Synergy events is run by members of London WDM groups.

For more information about WDM and WDM campaign groups see