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Talks - 3 October 2008
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Talks and Debates

hosted by Alex Lee, Jeff Laster, and Susanna LaFond

20 years ago today - the birth of Rave symposium with Fraser Clarke (Megatripolis), Kate Magic (88:Untold History of a Revolution), Mark Heley (Waveform Festival), Mixmaster Morris (The Irresistible Force) and Wayne Anthony (Class of 88)

Matt Morris - Performers Without Borders
presenting film of their recent trip teaching street children in India, plus Q&A and short performance

Richard Reynolds - Guerilla Gardening
how to create gardens in unused urban space

Leo Plaw - visionary artist
presenting his latest works

Oxfam - Sisters on the Planet
film and Q&A on the impacts climate change is having on communities and particularly women around the world
Open Mic with Brian Viziondanz
come and have your say!

Plus a short tribute to Ken Campbell

It was 20 years ago today...


Like the 'First Summer of Love' which started in Haight-Ashbury and went on to change the world, this important happening spread fast from places like London and Ibiza and likewise changed the world. We invite you to participate as we go back in time to 1988 and see why, where, when and how the 'Second Summer of Love' happened and the impact it had on both the Mainstream and the Counterculture.

A panel featuring Counterculture visionary FRASER CLARK (founder of the legendary groundbreaking alternative club 'Megatripolis') and KATE 'MAGIC' WOOD (author of the much awaited forthcoming book on the history of the 'Second Summer of Love': '88: The Untold History of a Revolution), MARK HELEY (Waveform Festival), MIXMASTER MORRIS (The Irresistible Force) and WAYNE ANTHONY (author of 'Class of 88') will help lead the path to the past with a view to understanding the present state of the rave scene and navigating into the future as well. Music and film from the period will feature as well. This event is a don't miss for all Luminopolitans.

Host: Jeff ('GoodJeff') Laster
Co-Host: Susanna La Fond



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