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Welcome to the redesigned Luminopolis newsletter… if you’d like some frivolous big-thinking to remind you why we exist, then read our Blog Piece.  If you just want the hard facts, then skip to Party News. Don’t forget to read our Cheap Ticket offer!

Blog Piece

Dear Friends,

Well it certainly has been a momentous few weeks… we held the first party under our new name Luminopolis (previously we were called The Synergy Project), and the global financial system has gone into a near melt-down. We don’t know for certain that there’s a connection, but who knows… the Butterfly Effect suggests that small changes in seemingly unrelated events can have profound effects on each other.

You see Luminopolis is more than just a great party… it is an indoor multi-media festival aiming to inspire positive change through celebration.  Our unique blend of cutting-edge music, visual arts, performances, debates, and playful interactivity uses clubbing as an educational tool. Working in collaboration with NGOs and social enterprises we help to raise awareness of the major social and environmental issues affecting our world.

Our goal is to promote a globally sustainable way of life… and for sure the world’s financial systems are currently highly unsustainable.  As is now clear, the remedy will require every government to co-ordinate extra-ordinary measures on an unprecedented scale… and for ideological dogma to give way to pragmatic big-thinking.

And that’s great news because tackling the very much bigger problem of climate change is going to require exactly these international co-operative skills, agreements, structures, and thinking.

So maybe (just maybe) the tiny turbulence from all our collective celebratory energy and intent while at Luminopolis has had, through the Butterfly Effect, a profound impact on the world markets, and hence made it easier for us to tackle climate change… Maybe we really have danced our way to a brighter future!… We certainly like to think so, even if it turns out to be only poetically true 🙂

Enjoy your day…
The Luminopolis Team

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Party News

We hope you enjoyed our party on 3rd October – we are still collecting photos for our own website, but in the mean time take a look at the ones by Photographicon. Our next event will be on Saturday 22nd November 2008 (yes, Saturday 🙂 featuring room hosts Liquid Records, FishSeeksBicycle, Blood Tribe Records, and  idSpiral (a welcome return with their new venture ‘inSpiral‘) – the full line will be released shortly.

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Survey and Cheap Tickets

We have always been a community event that engages you in unique ways, for you are not just an audience but are co-creators of the entertainment. With that in mind we invite you to tell us what you think of our collaborative parties, and what changes you would like to make to them.

So please complete the following survey and be the change for our collective future.  As an additional incentive we will offer you a discounted ticket price of £15.00 to our next event on 22nd November 2008:

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FUTURE MUSIC – Friday 17th October 2008

Future Music Flyer

Future Music is a new series of club nights / mini-festivals aimed at promoting some of the most cutting edge sounds present in the contemporary world of Electronic Music. The age of the internet and global interaction has harnessed an exciting cross-pollination of sounds giving birth to a wide array of new genres and sub-genres. Future Music is a multi-room event which brings to London some of these exciting new sounds spanning genres including Tech-Funk | Breaks | Electro | Minimal Techno | Tech-House | Dubstep | Glitch-Hop | IDM | Glitch | Electronica & all the bits in between…

The production behind the event is an all star team made up of various organizations that have been emerging from the UK underground music scene, these include the promoters behind the Synergy Project and those responsible for its fully immersive synesthetic production.

Other contributors will include Metroline Records, Blood Tribe Records, Addictech, iBreaks Radio, Liquid Records, Inspiral, Archangel UK, Inner Apparat , Folktronica, Skandalous! Extra Dimensional Space Agency and many other creative organizations and artists of the UK underground scene joining forces to showcase in London one of the freshest and most forward thinking club night experiences of the amazing modern times we live in.

See and


ALPHA OMEGA – Friday 7th November 2008

See for details…

Alpha Omega Flyer

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