Newsletter #5: Next Luminopolis is 22nd November 2008

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Luminopolis (formerly The Synergy Project) newsletter… we had some technical problems with our last mailout, so apologies to those of you who received several copies or nothing at all. If you missed our frivolous but big-thinking blog piece on the Butterfly Effect and the financial melt-down, you can read it here.

Party News

We hope you enjoyed our last party on 3rd October – you can see photos here. Our next event will be on Saturday 22nd November 2008 (yes, Saturday 🙂 at seOne London, and will be the last one of 2008.

See our website for full details… here’s a brief summary:


Full-on Psytrance with a hint of Progressive in the Main Room by Liquid Records with Agent 17 / S>Range (live) , Tron (live) , DJ Pollyfonika , Luke Porter , Morph , Beatnik , Liquid Jeremy , and Liquid Elf .

Dubstep, Electro, Hip Hop, IDM, 2-Step & Breakbeat in the Red Room by Blood Tribe Records with Jazzsteppa (Live) , Groove Diggerz (live) , Nagual Sound Experiment (live) , Screenager (live) , Ana Sia , Adam Symbiosis , and WhipperSlacker .

A good old fashioned knees up in the Cream Room by Fish Seeks Bicycle with Mr Doris and the Horns (live) , Brothers Bab (live) , The Cosmics (live) , Freefall Collective (live) , Head of State , Captain Grimace , Chris Pedley , The Crafty Rascals , and DJ DeQueer .

Electronica & Chill Beats in the Blue Room by inSpiral Lounge with Rumpistol (live) , Libelula (live) , Mint (live) , Z-Arc (live) , Halogen (live) , Nova vs Giani , Naked Nick , and Aliji .

Inspiration Hall in Deep Blue with Zeigeist Addendum (film) plus Q&A with director Peter Joseph ; “Where Can I Live Now?” (discussion on how the current chaotic economic climate affects us, and what we can do about it) ; Polly Higgins of WISE Women network (talk on Concentrating Solar Power) ; Adrian Harris of Dragon Network (talk on Earth Day celebration) ; Twindove featuring Antarma (live music) ; Open Mic hosted by Brian Viziondanz ; workshops, art exhibit, and healing area.

See our website for full details


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Survey and Cheap Tickets

We have always been a community event that engages you in unique ways, for you are not just an audience but are co-creators of the entertainment. With that in mind we invite you to tell us what you think of our collaborative parties, and what changes you would like to make to them.

So please complete our survey and be the change for our collective future. As an additional incentive we will offer you a discounted ticket price of £15.00 to our next event on 22nd November 2008.

If you’d prefer not to complete the survey then you can buy early bird tickets at £17.00 from our website.

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Other Events

MEGATRIPOLIS BENEFIT FOR FRASER CLARK – 13 November 2008 at Heaven, London.

Megatripolis Flyer 2008 (temp)

Fraser ClarkChief zippie dude and grandfather of Luminopolis, Fraser Clark, has recently been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and his time within this reality zone is possibly drawing to a close. A special one-off Megatripolis event will be held as a fundraiser for his specialist medical care. Full details will be published shortly. We ask all of you to come and support Fraser in his hour of need, and here’s why…

In the late 1980’s Fraser created the Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, a magazine dedicated to the zippie / hippy movement. In the early 1990’s he co-founded Megatripolis, the first major UK rave-orientated “festival in a club” thus paving the way for Luminopolis today. In the late 1990’s, he teamed up with the genius alternative theatre writer / actor / director Ken Campbell to create The Warp! – a 24 hour stage play within a 24 hour trance party.

The Warp! was based at The Drome – the cavernous tunnels under London Bridge Station – now known as seOne. After The Warp! finished, a number of the production crew went on to create The Synergy Project – now known as Luminopolis – based at seOne. So you see Fraser’s trailblazing has lead directly to the amazing parties that we run today – he is our spiritual grandfather.


ALPHA OMEGA – Friday 7th November 2008

See for details…

Alpha Omega Flyer


The inSpiral cafe in Camden London – go there for food, refreshments, and music – it’s FAB and we love it!


ORCHID STAR – debut single Passion

Help Luminopolis / Synergy Project favourites Orchid Star chart their debut single Passion (and do good deed too)! The single comes off the back of both a critically acclaimed album release and hugely popular live tour during the summer. The single edit features the highly talented “Rogue”… see her in the Passion video.

The band have strong principles and have therefore decided to donate 10% of all the sales of downloads to save the most precious of assets, our children via Save The Children. Every £1 donated makes a difference… so you will be doing a good deed for every download.

You can do something today that makes a difference… why not pre-order Passion and help a great record into the charts. Its only 79 pence per download. You can buy the single edit or any of the other remixes off the Archangel^ shop and each mix counts as a chart placing.

As well a being an environmentally aware recording company, Archangel^ lends financial support to the UK’s greenest music festivals… watch their promo video to find out more.


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