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Our News

Dear Friends,

London has a long and venerable history of counter-culture & psychadelic clubs… it attracts the very best of global creativity and fuses it with an anarcho-spiritualism native born of pagan past.  Periodically upwellings in this cauldron give rise to landmark happenings & gatherings… from the International Poetry Incarnation and UFO Club in the 1960’s… to The Warp Experience and Synergy Project / Luminopolis last decade… via Whirly-Y-Gig , Club Dog , Alice in Wonderland , Megatripolis , Cooltan , Return to the Source , et al.

It’s been two years since our last Luminopolis event, and we think it’s time to bootstrap the next phase of Conscious Partying.  We have a fresh canvas to do something new and contemporary… with style and integrity… love & magick… ambition & extravaganza… something culture-shifting that uniquely expresses this moment in our collective journey, and effectively promotes our values to hungry new minds.

Our mission is to promote peace, justice, sustainability, social innovation and conscious evolution through the production of musical, cultural, and artistic events.  Our intention is to create a large new regular clubbing event inspired by Synergy Project & Luminopolis with a new identity and a new vibe, to launch late 2011 or early 2012.  We are still very much in the early stages of planning… we will keep you informed of progress.

If you have something valuable to offer the venture, please send a brief email telling us about yourself & how you can help to  We are particularly looking for people who are aligned with our mission and have experience of organising conscious / alternative events in genres / scenes other than Psytrance (we already have that covered 🙂

In the meantime, you may like some of the other events we have listed for you below…

With light, love, and fulfilling experiences…
The Luminopolis team.

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Other News

Brian Viziondanz Needs Your Love

Brian will be known to many of you as the bearded wizard with the video camera, ever present and ever co-creating at Megatripolis, The Warp Experience, Synergy Project, Luminopolis, Stone Henge, and oh so many other conscious events in the UK and US.  His contribution to counterculture behind, in front of, and tangential to the camera is legendary and life-long.  He is the man of Infinite Possibility and the Kitchen Table… he is the single blade of grass that stirs the global conversation.

Why are we telling you this?… because Brian has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Please send him your love and engage him in conversation… social acupuncture to help his healing…  +  +  +


Conscious Partying Makes a Real Difference

In October 2010 Skandalous , Fluorotrash , and others came together to create Electric Circus at Scala in London’s Kings Cross (photos here).  In addition to being a highly enjoyable 4 room musical and performing arts extravaganza, it was also a fundraising benefit gig for the people of Gaza.  The following update is hot off the press from the Circus2Gaza crew who have been distributing the proceeds, and managed to slip back out through Egypt just as the recent protests there began:

“Over 150 people contributed their time and effort to make Electric Circus a huge success – we raised over £9000 for charity, 25% of which went to Fairtunes, the rest went to Gaza with me and the circus crew. After weeks of waiting and emailing and hoping we were finally allowed to pass. Spending 2 weeks in Gaza we performed 30 circus shows, donated $2000 to ISnad Charity, bought winter coats for 81 kids of the Samouni Family, supported a few other families in their house rebuilding, and still have some money left. Since leaving we have been asked to support more projects, which we hope to do.. so watch this space!!  THANK YOU to everyone who helped out.”

Brilliant work – we at Luminopolis salute you!

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Other Events
Intentionally mixing the Conscious and the Hedonistic for your smart delectation.

Banco De Gaia (Live) : Sat 05/02/2011, 20:00 – 02:00
inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High St., London NW1 8QS.  £6 door / £5.50 adv

Persian strings and prog rock. Tibetan songs and ecstatic house. Welcome to the strange, wonderful world of DJ/remixer/dance music maestro Banco de Gaia (aka Toby Marks) whose work sprang from the hopeful exuberance of British house, the joys of sampling, and the advent of global music.  Now, new listeners unfamiliar with this funky founding father of eclectic electronica can savor nearly two decades of hits, rarities, and remixes on Songs from the Silk Road (Disco Gecko; digital release: February 14, 2011). An intro to the vibrant cross-pollination of house and world music, tracks shift from hard-hitting to playful, pulsing to ambient, all guided by a strong, omnivorous ear for powerful beats and delicate filigrees of sound.

With Special DJ Guests:  Robin Triskele, and Dr Trippy


Reclaim Love : Sat 12/02/2011, 14:00 – 16:00
Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, London… and all over the world.  Free

Reclaim Love from corporate sentimentality!  Meet up with summer friends, and interesting London people.  And hopefully help to change the world’s vibrations… There will be live music and poetry, and a group connect/vibe changing ritual.  May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy And At Peace.


Reclaim Love Afterparty : Sat 12/02/2011, 19:00 – 23:00
Vantra, 11 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DJ.  Free to attend.

This is the afterparty for the 8th Reclaim Love London event at Piccadilly Circus. When Reclaim Love finishes we’ll walk to Vantra to relax, warmup, get refuelled and continue the love!  There will be live music and spoken word, and a little room for dancing and mingling.

Vantra is a beautiful organic vegan cafe/restaurant 10 mins walk from Piccadilly, just round the corner from Tottenham Court Road tube station, and next to the Hare Krisna temple. The restaurant will be open as usual, there are large wooden tables to sit around and we’ll have a few reserved for us. A portion of brown rice costs £1, other food is £2 per portion. The venue is also licensed with a fully organic bar, plus fresh juices, vegan smoothies and superfood lattes.


Digitalesque Delights : Sat 12/02/2011, 20:00 – 02:00
inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High St., London NW1 8QS.  Free entry

Digitalesque Delights presents: “THE VALENTINE’S VIXENS”
This event will feature a fully foxy female line up of DJs spinning tip top dancing tunes – whirling through fresh funky beats, down n dirty disco and badass basslines.

WICKI (Liquid / Further)
MISS C (Rough Tempo Radio)
TASHA FOXTROTT (Uber Galactic)


“Plumber Is Always Late” (PsyCircle & Broken) : 12/02/2011
Secret London venue.

A very special Valentine’s ball to celebrate passing of time and also to honour Milo’s second birthday…in short treats for everyone… 3 rooms till very late or later.

Chris Rich – live – (Bom Shanka Rec)  /  Conrad Bruce vs Ataro – live – (  / Dust – live – (Looney Moon)  /  EVP – live – (Wildthings)  /  Fordy (Psychedelic Circle)  /  James Compressor (24/7 Rec)  /  Kaptain Kairosi (Psychedelic Circle/Aphid Records)  /  Mark Day (Trancelucent Spirits)  /  Mole – live – (Looney Moon) / Nik Sequenci (Tranceform)  /  Psymmetrix – live – (Bom Shanka Rec)

Daft Dood – (Broken)  /  Eastmann live – (Liquid Records)  /  Marecki (PsyCircle)  /  OOOD live – (Broken Robot Records/Phar Psyde Records)  /  Ryo OOOD – (Jellyfish)  /  Stevie OOOD – (Jellyfish)  /  Rama OOOD – (Unconscious Collective)  /  Simon Pieman – (Tribe of Frog/Broken)  /  Spiney – (Wildthings)  /  Weetamix – (Phar Psyde records)  /  John Miszt (Misztifiedmind Rec)

Alex Dig (Shindig)  /  Bunkle (Wonk#ay Recs)  /  Graham (Edensounds)  /  Chandrananada (Psy Circle/Arkona Creations Rec)  /   Sayuri (*Frangipani)  /  Solar Quest (Entropica)  /  Space Monkey (Gaia Roots)

Sound by Twisted Clarity & Shindig.  Decoration by Pieman (Tribe of Frog), Flying Piglets & Dancing Decor.  Visuals by Technognome & others. Lights by Psychedemon.  Lasers by SP.  Security by PsySafe


HadraSpiral : Fri 18/02/2011, 20:00 – 02:00
inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High St., London NW1 8QS.  Free entry  and

An aventure through dub, jungle, world-fusion and progressive psychedelic beats from acclaimed French label Hadra Records. 3 live acts with tribal-fusion dance performances by Yshar.

LAKAY [Hadra-FR]
with guests HYPNOCOUSTICS [UK]
YSHAR [tribal fusion dancer]


Gaudi (Live) : Sat 19/02/2011, 20:00 – 02:00
inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High St., London NW1 8QS.  £8 door / £7 adv

Dub n’ Breakz stylee from his U.S chart topping album NO PRISONERS.
feat. UK Beatbox Championship finalist Lyrikool Lipz
with special guest: Tripswitch / Code Monkey

Recently nominated for the “World Music Awards” with his chart topping album ‘Dub Qawwali’, Gaudi’s eclectic style and versatility has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career; this latest accolade confirms the London-based Italian-born music producer/solo artist’s credentials as a force to be reckoned with in the international music scene. His music, which is an organic fusion of Dub, Electronica and Worldbeat.  See this recent video :


Small World Winter Warmer III : Sat 19/02/2011, 22:00 – late
Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST, London.  £12 on door.

Small World were a key ingredient at Synergy Project & Luminopolis… this special event is to mark Pony’s birthday, creator & curator of Small World.  It will be a warm colourful intimate venue, converted into an indoor festival (The alternative party scene is catching on to the joys of Bussey Building).  12 hours and 2 floors of Small World Magic. Friends at every turn. A sense of freedom rarely felt elsewhere.  Open, Smiley, Dressed-up Characters

Downstairs is just going to storm (again), a triple headliner show (again).

Upstairs in the café, flanked by a veritable host of acoustically driven bliss.
SMOKEY TAPS – LA MORTE SUBITE – DE FUEGO to tickle your toes.


Cross Bones Vigil & Ceremony : 23rd of every month, 19:00
The Memorial Gates, Redcross Way, London, SE1.  Free  and

To honour The Goose and the outcast dead of Cross Bones Graveyard. Bring your hearts,visions, voices, decorative offerings (to tie to the gates during the ceremony) and anything else you’d like to share…  BBC audio slideshow: and Inside London (last 4mins):

The Gates, a shrine hung with ribbons and mementos, are in Redcross Way, opposite the Boot and Flogger, just north of the junction with Union Street.  Nearest tubes Borough or London Bridge, 5 minutes walk away. Gather from 6.45pm for a 7pm start.


London Talk-In : Sat 26/02/2011, 15:00 – 18:00
Vantra, 11 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DJ.  Free, but donations will help with expenses.

The Talk-In is a reinvented concept in Countercultural talks, inspired by the 60’s concepts of the Be-In and the Teach-In. The Talk-In aims to bring a wide variety of subject matters of interest to the Counterculture into the mainstream. Each will explore a current issue from different perspectives, with plenty of audience participation. We launch with two debates:

1. STREET FIGHTING MAN/WOMAN : ‘Violent’ vs ‘Non-violent’ Protest Tactics
Following the recent Protests against Government budget cuts and tuition fee increases, as well as recent Protests in the Arab world, the LONDON TALK-IN, with the help of its panelists and audience will explore and debate the tactical options open to Protesters. How do we define the word ‘Violence’?  Should protesters be 100% ‘Non-Violent’ at all times, even when kettled / attacked by Police or opposing protesters?  Is ‘Defensive Violence’ by Protesters justified in a way that ‘Offensive Violence’ is not?  What are the moral and spiritual implications of Protesters’ tactical choices?  And in a ‘Bigger Picture’, do Protesters/Activists need to move on to other ways of thinking about ‘Political Protest’ in general and/or the Changes they want to see?

Claire Solomon (President, University of London Union, and organiser of protests)
Chris Knight (Professor of Anthropology, and The Sun’s ‘Leading Anarchist’)
Ellie Mae O’Hagan (UKuncut London Campaign Organiser/New Left Project)
‘Che’ (Radical Activist)

Hosts: Jeff Laster (PARALLEL-YOUNIVERSITY / Synergy Project / Luminopolis)

2. EnlightenNext Presents: React Or Create?
Are you a reactor or a creator? Our world is chock full of problems, an overwhelming barrage of unresolved issues that desperately need our attention and creativity. At a time when more and more of us are waking up to the issues we face as a global family—whether environmental, economic, political, and beyond—it is not enough anymore to simply react to everything we find wrong with the way things are. We have to strive to work together to create something new.

If you are excited about “Awakening to the Promise of the Future” come and see EnlightenNext founder Andrew Cohen at our UK centre on the 6th of February.

Host: Jody Paterson (


March Mad Hatter’s Ball : Sat 05/03/2011,  23:00 – 10:00
Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4SE.

Broken Records, Liquid Records, Tribal Vision Records and Fluorotrash present 3 rooms of salubrious entertainment with musical styles ranging from liquid d&b and dubstep, to progresssive house and outright electro filth, with every detail from sound systems to fairy lights taken care of by our nutcase production team.

Opus sound in all three rooms by Twisted Clarity and Jiggery Pokery
Visuals by Magiclantern.  Light show by Fossil Optics.
Decor by Pieman, Natzan and Kinky Pixie.
Flyer artwork by Hari Mau Matt aka Fluffy Mafia Matt

bRoKeN rOoM – Filthy Banging and Slippery beats
Miles Dyson live (plasmapool)  /  Atomic Drop live (broken/liquid/plasmapool)  /  DJ Slater (tribalvision)  /  Tom Real (discoofdoom)  /  MaryMissFairy (broken/wonkay)  /  Daft Dood (broken)  /  Simon Pieman (broken/tribeoffrog)  /  Geo (broken/tribalvision)  /  Ipcress (broken/omniscience)  /  Natzan (broken)

The Liquid Lounge – Freestyle Groovy Electronica
Zub Zub live (mesmobeat/liquid)  /  Nagual Sound Experiment live (massive music/liquid)  /  Slackbaba live (liquid)  /  Eat Static (Merv Pepler DJ set)  /  Aliji (inSpiral)  /  Liquid Ross (liquid)  /  Ryo OOOD (broken/phar-psyde)  /  Stevie OOOD (broken/phar-psyde)

Fluorotrash presents…. “The Rocking Bedouin Chillout!”

A lush, romantic, exotic, chillout with a star filled line-up that any desert sky would be proud of! We aim to create a beautiful space full of fluffy vibes with belly dancers, sexy circus performers and bedhouin style decor. This chilled room will be relaxing and comfortable and by the peak of the night you will be gently but surely rocking. Weaving their magic into a musical flying carpet ride will be:

Dick Trevor (Dickster, AMD, Green Nuns of the Revolution)  / Terry Hooligan (Atomic Hooligan)  /  Sikboi (Secret Squirrels)  /  Solar Quest


London Z Day 2011 : Sun 13/03/2011, 13:30 – 21:00
Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.  £10.00 + b/f.  and

This year, the worldwide Z Day main event will be in London. There will be a series of presentations and lectures from various speakers including Ben McLeish from the London chapter, Will Dixon from the Portsmouth chapter, James Phillips from the Watford chapter and Joe Gosling from the Sheffield chapter. The founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph, will also be giving a lecture.

Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project will also be attending and speaking at the event. Andy Buxton of The Venus Project Design will also give a presentation about the latest projects they have been working on. As a great addition to the event, an art exhibition provided by The Venus Project Design will be situated in a side room for attendees to explore throughout the day. This will have the latest 3D renderings as well as an interactive multimedia display.

Starting at 8pm, there will also be the ZeitStock after party (at a different venue) with live music from various bands for those that wish to attend. You may also want to watch the new Zeitgeist film ‘Moving Forward’


FreeMind SHINE Celebration : Sun 20/03/2011, 14:00 – 18:00
The Window, 13 Windsor St, Islington, London.  Free entry

Come and celebrate life and be inspired to enjoy being your best and to love life more. Using everything we know about live music, film, epiphanies and inspirational psychology, we plan to create an amazing series of uplifting experiences so that we can all come together and inspire each other to make the most of our lives for ourselves, our family, our community and the world at large.

There is no charge for this event because we believe such things should be given unconditionally. All of the content and the facilitation will be delivered as a gift. No one will be being paid. For the sake of sustainability and to enable us to grow into more exciting venues we will ask you for a £5 donation to go towards the hire of the room. This will not be compulsory. You will be welcome either way.

We really hope you’ll join us. If you are coming do please come and join us at the start at 2pm because these are not drop in experiences. Every piece of music, discussion, performance and film is selected to be experienced in a particular order so as to give you the most inspirational experience.

For this event no children under 12. (We will do more all family events at a later date- something we care about deeply).  After the event there is the option of staying on for more discussion and also to join us for delicious healthy food at 7pm for just £5. You need to let us know if you want to stay for food so that we can give the venue numbers.


UK AWARE : 25 & 26/03/2011, 10:00 – 18:00
Olympia Two, London W14 8UX.  £10.00 door / £7.00 adv

UK AWARE is Britain’s largest, longest running and best-loved sustainable lifestyle exhibition. Designed to cater for both the general public and for business…it offers a complete solution for contemporary sustainable living. UK AWARE will enhance your life, save you money and send you home with a positive feeling.

What’s at the show?…

Up to 10,000 expected visitors  /  Hundreds of exhibitors  /  Thousands of sustainable products and services  /  Cutting edge technologies  /  Business opportunities  /  The UK’s largest swish  /  Show discounts  /  Money saving opportunities  /  Product launches  /  FREE seminars with world class speakers  /  Practical workshops  /  Kids interactive area  /  Ethical fashion show  /  Green business start-up surgery  /  Green Dragons Den  /  Award ceremony  /  Unique networking opportunities  /  Social enterprise

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