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Event Info - 18 March 2005

(click image to see full flyer)

The Synergy Project

Friday 18th march 2005
SEOne Weston Street, London Bridge
Friday 18th march 2005
10pm til 8am

"I am glad to have found a place where it feels like heaven.
Mind-blowing music with the most amazing people I’ve met in my life"

Tickets £15 on the door, £10 with current and valid proof
Online Tickets from (
or from Access All Areas 117 Kentish Town Road 0207 267 8320
or from Psychedelic Dream Temple 0207 267 8528
Namaste Holistic Centre, Denmark Hill, Camberwell 0207 7035121

"I hear a drum in my soul’s ear
Coming from the depths of the stars"
Mevlana jalauddin rumi

Synergy is an environmental and cultural information network, creating
spaces where those working on the cutting edge of cultural and social
expression combine, using a variety of media, to conceive a place where
creative energies are liberated and the spiritual dimension of our lives is
unveiled. For meaningful social change to occur, a significant cultural
paradigm shift is necessary, particularly in the west, away from lifestyles
which value material growth, acquisition and consumption towards ones
which value spiritual concerns - the environment, community, family and
the wider cosmos. Exploring and challenging established orthodoxies of
progress, development and civilisation, synergy is an on-going process
of self and community development, recognising that how we work
together and resolve issues relating to power, control and ego, are of the
utmost importance - change within being a necessary pre-condition for change without.

"On the return trip home gazing out toward the stars
I suddenly experienced the universe
As intelligent, loving and harmonious."
Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut

The Synergy Dance Experience

"to dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.
This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking" -Agnes De Mille

All is One dance workshop - a guided journey to true connectedness.

Dance away the boundaries of seclusion and harmonize with your true self, mother
earth and all beings. Imagine a dance floor that is charged with love, generated by
truly letting go, interacting with your deeper self and others. The workshop
will take place from 10pm until midnight, creating the foundation for the
later parts of the night! This will be a smoke free, wooden floored take
your shoes of and roll on the ground if you like experiment.

Taking us further on this shamanic quest (in this order):

Gandolfi (The Synergy Project)
Kalaidosonic (Audio Visual Performance)
Chameleon (Dragonfly - IDSpiral)
Onyks (Turbotrance records)

With moving support from:

Wemoonspiral - contact dance improvisation Dance Peace performed by Sandra
Kali - fusing Indian Kathak dance with psy-trance Astradelica - circus performance art

Visual motivation and stimulation by:

Inside-Us-All Evomedia Eskatonia (Australia) Stickman

All set within a magical environment created by IDSiral

Small World Stage

Small World and Invisible Circus' Psychedelic Cabaret
join forces to produce a unique show for Synergy.
A show pulling together the cream of our communities
artistes. A show with the collective intention to take
you on a journey through the realms of pure
entertainment into their world of creative activism.
We truly hope that you will leave us inspired.
Inspired to turn off the TV, get involved, create
something, change something, inspire someone
or inspire yourselves.

An intoxicating blend of Acoustic music, Theatrics,
Inspirational music, Circus Acts, Flat-out party music,
Eclectic Dj's and walkabout performances.

The Invisible Circus Psychedelic Cabaret
inter laced with music from
Smerins Anti-Social Club - 8 piece Funk explosion
Kyo Tribe - Intense and uplifting Afro-beat jazz
Krishna - Soulful funk and chants from Ex Ossibissa Cherokee Indian
The Rub - Activist Dub and beats
Shinri - Inspirational Rap diva

The Interdimensional Circus

Planet art Network
Avalon Rising

Awaken to spring!... A special solar equinox galactivation experience!

Performance Artistry from:

Bardic bravado from The Mytho-Poets of Albion & The Post Historic Players,
The Man from Story Mountain (Mythic storytelling)
Performance artistry from… Sedek Vulkan, AstraDelica & Daphne Ayana
The Invisible Circus (Renegades from the far-side of carnival)
The Bees Knees (Cheeky Charleston Chicks) & Aire Flamenco

Music from:

Cat von Trapp (Soul of Arabia meets spirit of the Himalayas)
Donne Restom (Down-Under Underground Diva)
IFly (Transcendent Aussie Jesters)
Green & the Earthbeat collective (Soulful reggae grooves)
Aeon & Armageddon Assassin (Genuine Freestyle Lyrical Genius)
and other special guests…
Harmonized by DJ Galactic Wind, Hosted by Paradox

"Time is Art!", Elemental Altars & Sacred Space,
A Visual journey into Water by Detchen, Décor by Zuvuya 59, Video
+ speakers, healers, stalls, galactic decoding, ceremony & more…

For more info see: (


Its the Revelation GoGo Broadcasting

'Wake up and smell the Coffee Show'

Ringing the Changes by setting off the alarm bells in your head. R.G.B. employ
The tools of the oppression as a means to their liberation. Letting loose
Ideals of hope and justice inviting you to rise to the challenge of the age
with spoken words to prick your conscience, video to
activate your mind, music to engage your heart and even a
conscious Fashion show so you can express your subversion with
sartorial elegance. In partnership with Oxfam, Corporate
Watch, No Sweat, Undercurrents, (who will be launching their
Mark Thomas DVD) and a disparate bunch of dissidents from
London’s underclass, R.G.B. bring you yet another
Spectacle of insurgency. Featuring live will be Claire Dowie,
Sheena Salmon, Whatsername, Carlo Rossi, Precious and loads of
Others, see Mistress Angel for programme on the night. Suck ’em and see.

Sangita Sounds

Full Spectrum Music for Peace

Present a rare chance to experience the full melting pot of the

ORBIS Saving Sight Worldwide

The late, great James Style initiated a unity vibration with an intention
of bringing together some of the brightest lights from the reggae,
electronic and spiritual music scenes under one name. His vision lives
on tonight with the return of the SHIVA SELASSIE SOUND SYSTEM.
Creating a One Love vibration for the people, through the fusion states of
the Jamaica - India connection; merging deep dub baselines to massage
the heart and Indian mystical musings for a full Shakti transcendent trip.
Ancient melodies and future riddims make for a future-proof selection of
sounds from some of the worlds finest selectors and players.

Live: Nick Manasseh and Brother Culture (Dubhead, L.S.D.)
Miso Soup (Japan - London) Lumiere Cosmic Jam Band

DJ’s: Youth (Liquid Sound Design) Noodreem (Sangita Sounds)
Jaya Jai Baba J Namjengo DJ iiasa

Photography exhibition by James Style Fluoro-art from Dubgypsy

"Masana from the Congo rainforest"
A Unique film about life among the hunter-gatherers in the Congo rainforests.
Films from anti blindness Charity ORBIS.

Innervisions and virtual de-lights from Tantric and Synansis.
Healing Area with shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish and holistic massage,
Thai Massage, reiki, energy healing - the perfect space for people to balance
And rejuvenate energy in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

"we are not going to be able to operate our spaceship earth successfully
unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common.
It has to be everybody or nobody…We are called to be architects of the future,
Not its victims….each one of us could make the difference."
Buckminster Fuller, Mathematician & Engineer

"Man is now the captain of spaceship earth,
engendering a concept of ecology
of earth, air, fire and water as an integral whole.
There are no more passengers, only crew"
Marshall McLuhan

Rubber Luvva Campaign for Condom safety
Action Aid international
Survival for tribal peoples
Indigenous People
Comm-tech empowering people through technology
Health Unlimited (
Tourism Concern Campaigning for Ethical and Fairly Traded Tourism
London Rising Tide
War on Want Fighting Global Poverty
Corporate Watch
No Sweat 100% Union-made apparel



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